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Zuni River Basin Water Rights Adjudication
New Mexico

In the matter of United States vs. A&R Productions, et. al.
Case #01cv00072 MV/LFG

Court Documents, Decisions, Orders, Etc.

Available court documents related to U.S. v. New Mexico et. al. are presented below.
Additional court documents will be added to this list on an ongoing basis. Please check back often.

Downloading Adobe Files
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File Date Doc. # Size Description
08/08/03 225 54k DISCLAIMER of interest by Dorothy Fern Thornton
08/06/03 224 5k ORDER by Special Master Vickie Gabin of status conference set for 9/9/03 @ 10:00 a.m. in Albuquerque Mimbers Courtroom - 4th floor
07/30/03 223 23k AFFIDAVIT of Betty Jackson
08/04/03 222 993k AMENDED COMPLAINT by plaintiff
07/30/03 221 11k NOTICE by Special Master Vickie L. Gabin of filing re: report and meeting for interim fees & expenses
07/29/03 220 125k NOTICE by defendants Homer & Julienne Pringle of withdrawal of attorney Tessa Davidson
07/29/03 219 115k CERTIFICATE of service of disclaimer of interest by defendants Homer & Julienne Pringle to counsel on 7/29/03
07/29/03 218 31k DISCLAIMER of interest submitted by defendants Homer & Julienne Pringle
07/28/03 217 27k DISCLAIMER of interest by Joseph V. Mesich
07/28/03 216 5k MOTION by Special Master Vickie L. Gabin for interim fees & expenses
07/20/03 215 28k PROCEDURAL AND SCHEDULING ORDER by Special Master Gabin as described herein
07/10/03 214 5k NOTICE by Special Master Vickie L. Gabin of the 5/28/03 filing of the transcript of the status conference held on 4/12/03
06/26/03 213 55k NOTICE by defendants Solis of withdrawal of counsel Larry Beall pursuant to order filed 6/24/03
06/24/03 212 56k NOTICE by State of New Mexico of withdrawal of counsel R. Bruce Frederick
06/24/03 211 37k ENTRY OF APPEARANCE for Woodson Allen, et. al. by Charles T. DuMars, Christina Bruff DuMars & Jeffrie D. Minier
06/24/03 210 6k ORDER by District Judge Bruce D. Black granting motion to withdraw attorney Larry D. Beall & substitute Jeffrie Minier [206-1] for Barbara L. Solis & Joseph A. Solis
06/23/03 209 60k NOTICE by defendant Public Lands Commission of withdrawal of counsel R. Bruce Frederick
06/24/03 208 103k INTERIM PROCEDURAL ORDER by Special Master Gabin requiring all water rights claimants to update their water rights files with the State Engineer
06/24/03 207 109k NOTICE of filing joint letter and recommended attachments to proposed order
06/13/03 206 77k MOTION by defendants Joseph A. Solis & Barbara L. Solis to withdraw attorney Larry D. Beall
06/11/03 205 65k NOTICE by Quivira Mining Co. of change of address by Mark K. Adams, counsel for defendant
06/10/03 204 176k NOTICE by United States and State of New Mexico of filing their joint 6/6/03 letter to the Special Master and Draft Order to parties on 6/10/03
06/10/03 203 134k NOTICE by United States and State of New Mexico of filing the 5/23/03 joint letter to parties on 6/10/03
06/04/03 202 57k CERTIFICATE by Tri-State Generation of the notice of change of address to parties & counsel on 6/4/03
06/04/03 201 14k NOTICE by Tri-State Generation of change of address for attorney Sunny J. Nixon

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